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Advanced Ballet drop in classes in the Northeast


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Hi everybody- I'm 45 and have been dancing since I was 3. I went to school for dance and then worked for a few years. I'm looking for schools in Pennsylvania,  Ohio. Maine,  or New Hampshire that have regular, ADVANCED, drop in classes. Those 4 states because I've boiled down my move to those, great ballet drop-in is the deciding factor.  


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, PurpleBeans, and to the Adult Students forum. It's great you've found us!

I can't help with specific recommendations, but one tip that might help is to search the Pre-Pro forum for the areas and ballet schools you think might be of the quality and standard you want, and then see if those specific ballet studios offer an adult programme. The logic is that if it's a good pre-pro with truly professional teaching and ambitions for its students, the studio more than likely offers a range of other excellent activities at the appropriate standard - community outreach and adult dance being the most common.

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I can tell you that New Hampshire and Maine are a bit challenging simply due to the rural nature of these states. The closer you are to a "city" (which around here are 50K-100K people) the greater your chance of finding something, but even there you might find yourself cobbling together a schedule at multiple studios and the levels tend to be very open. The studio I attend regularly (in NH) has about four adult ballet classes a week, one beginner, two intermediate/advanced, one that combines adults and upper level teens. They are challenging classes, but I wouldn't classify us as a pre-pro school.

That being said, if you're in the southern part of the state (Nashua, Manchester, or even Portsmouth) then you're within 40-50 miles of the Boston metro area where there are a ton of adult classes: Boston Ballet School (Boston and Newton studios), Jose Mateo, the Dance Complex, New England Movement Arts, Integrarte. I can't speak to all studios personally, but between those I've attended and the feedback from my peers on the others the teaching is generally fantastic. I find a wide variety of technique levels even in intermediate/advanced classes in the Boston area, but you get out of it what you put in and I always come away having learned something and challenged myself.

I don't have much personal knowledge of Maine, but you might have some luck near Portland and I think Bangor has a surprisingly vibrant arts scene for its size, too.

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The Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet in Narberth, PA (Philadelphia area, Narberth is on the Main Line), is a pre-professional school that has a daily morning drop-in class.  Live accompaniment for the advanced classes, and starting this summer, for the intermediate classes as well.  Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday is Advanced, and Monday/Wednesday/Friday is Intermediate, though often the intermediate class is quite technical; the advanced regulars attend both. 


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