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What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?


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Quick question: what is the real name for Russian ronde de jambes?    Thanks. :rolleyes:

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Sorry, CreativeDancer, but I have never heard of “Russian” rond de jambe. Can you describe it, please?  

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I too do not know what that is!!

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A quick Googe gives me that sometimes a double rond de jambe is called a 'Russian rond de jambe'. But I've never heard the term 'Russian rond de jambe' in either Cecchetti or RAD terminology.

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Thank you Redbook. I wonder how it is done??

No such term in Vaganova.

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Is it OK to post a link to a YouTube video? Here's the mention of Russian rond de jambe that Google picked up for me -  looks like an ordinary double rond de jambe en l'air to me - although done beautifully, and at a height of extension that I've only ever achieved a handful of times! 


Another beautiful film of a Vaganova examination, in a studio that I'm sure will be familiar to you, VRS! To me, a lowly perpetual adult beginner learner, it is a venerable extraordinary place, and these dancers are super-heroes!

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The Russian teachers I study with do a half ronde de jambe par terre with a full one. Sometimes the half is at double time speed - essentially two in one count. Is that what you might mean? 

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I'm familiar with that referred to simply as a double rond de jambe a terre. i've been taught it as two full ronds de jambe a terre in the same count as one usually after 2 or 3 slower ronds.

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Google also suggested it’s a term used instead of gargoulliard. 

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I’ve never heard of a Russian RDJ either! Waiting with baited breath for a description :)

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Wow. Thank you for so many replies. I think my email settings forgot to tell me.

 I am thinking of 1. dégagé devant --> small attitude --> 2. bring to 90 + degrees a la seconde --> 3. bring to tendu derrière position. Or start derrière and finish devant.

Thank you.


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CreativeDancer in Vaganova schooling the movement you have described is called grand ronde jeté en de hors. It is also done en dedans. 

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Misread the description. Had to correct my mistake
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