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What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?


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1 hour ago, CreativeDancer said:

 I am thinking of 1. dégagé devant --> small attitude --> 2. bring to 90 + degrees a la seconde --> 3. bring to tendu derrière position. Or start derrière and finish devant.

I've always been taught that as a ronde de jambe jeté.

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I sometimes call it rond  de cuisse but I agree that grand rond de jambe jete’ Is correct.

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In RAD it is also a Ronds de Jambe Jete:D 

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When I play for class (Russian/Vaganova method ballet academy), that throw from attitude is called Grand Rond de Jambe Jeté (en dehors or en dedans).  I was not aware it was specifically "Russian", but maybe that's how it's referred to outside of Russian style method.

Edited to add: Yes, that video of the 5th year Vaganova exam has what the teachers I play for call a grand rond de jambe jeté in the exercise starting at 4m16s. It could also be called a "grand rond jeté." 

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