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Got 'the talk' from AD

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Hi all,

My husband and I met with the artistic director of my dd's ballet school yesterday.  She half-jokingly told us to start saving for pointe shoes and summer intensives!  DD turns 8 this summer and AD addressed ALL my concerns without me having to ask.  It's like she's done this before!  Her class expectations were within the guidelines of this board and she stressed "kid time" which was wonderful!  We are excited for this journey to see where it takes her!

To start, I'll be looking for advice for young dancers (and their parents) and hope to be able to contribute to these boards!

Happy dancing!

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Welcome! In all seriousness, I did start saving for pointe shoes, and later summer programs, well in advance. I wanted to make a habit of it so that we felt we could do it when the time came without breaking our budget. It's an incredibly expensive endeavor, so enjoy the low-stress, low-cost years while you have them! 

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