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Newbies questions about the infamous Richmond

Guest podiumstar

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Guest podiumstar

I am so intrigued by all the conversations about Richmond. I live in Australia where there aren't all that many opportunities for the adult beginner ballet student in the way of classes generally and certaininly not when it comes to intensives! All the excitement in various threads about the Richmond "dance camps" makes me sooooo envious that I want to find out more! I am fantasising about doing a big trip to the US next year that includes "dance camp". Now, how can I get information about these intensives? I have visited the Richmond Ballet website and even sent an email requesting information. Alas, no reply. Can anyone help with information??? Dates, cost, application format..????




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Guest dancerwannabe

You can contact the Adult Dance Camps coordinator by email. Heidi Pankoff at heidiplie@aol.com. She will be happy to mail you a brochure with info. ADC is not part a part of the Richmond Ballet. But they use some of their dancers/former dancers and rent their facility. All of the tearchers are very good!


Definitely come if you can! It would be great if you could make it part of your vacation plans! Actually, I plan to take a similar big trip to Australia sometime. You'll have to take the idea home with you and coordinate one of your own!

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Actually we had a guy in June that did just that. Added ADULT BALLET CAMP to his vacation to the USA. Anders is his screen name here on the site.


from what I can tell he totally enjoyed it....


I think he was from Sweden,


Anders: perhaps you can add your own comments about coming across the big pond to dance with us?



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Podiumstar, what a star you are. I was going to ask the very questions you have. I would love to attend the dance camp as i dont think we have anything here in the UK. My dance school has just done a music/drama/dance summer school but it was for all of the younger ones. So Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. :)

Ooh Thanks for the address Dancerwannabe love you too :)

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Guest podiumstar

Thanks for the email address dancerwannabe! I have just sent a request for info to Heidi. I don't know if the idea to visit the US for a "dance camp" is feasible for me. There's the cost - and the Aussie dollar is doing so badly right now - and then there's the fact that I am facing redundancy in November. Will I get a new job so I can afford a trip and when can I get time off? Still, I have to find out what is on offer first! And who knows, Skippy? Maybe this "skippy" will see you at Richmond some time!! *LOL*



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Podiumstar, i hope things work out for you concerning November. It would be great to meet yourself and everyone next year. Lets hope the ozzie dollar gets stronger. I am sending you all the luck i can muster up.:)

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Just a note of correction, while we refer to the camp as the Richmond intensive, there is no affiliation with the Richmond Ballet. They are kind enough to allow us to use their building (and what a building it is :) ) and that's about the only involvement on their part. That is with the exception of setting up their shop while we're there, something many of indulged in with great ease (I love those woolen thingy's I bought).


The actual name is Adult Dance Camps.

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Guest Elizabeth R.

Thanks dancerwannabe for the website. I just emailed. I never knew there was an Adult Dance Camp. I was always awaire of the teen summer camps. This sounds exciting and fun. I hope it's not to expensive. I look forward to getting the info. I wonder if there are other Adult Dance Camps?



Elizabeth R.

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As PrinceRob said, I flew over from Sweden to attend the June session at Richmond this summer. (Actually, it wasn't so much that I made Richmond a part of my US vacation as I created a US vacation around Richmond.) Although I was one of the least experienced dancers there, everyone made me feel very welcome. The atmosphere is just so very warm and friendly. This is combined with extremely stimulating instructors, learning from watching those more experienced than myself, and the joy of actually performing. Also, as a guy I got to see what other guys are up to and get specific male instruction (not a lot of guys in my classes here in Stockholm). It was a fascinating new experience that I will definitely be looking to repeat next year.


One thing that is really important is to allow yourself a week to get accustomed to the time difference. The course is intensive enough to tire you out without the jetlag.


Good luck!

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I can't wait for next summer! I wonder if there is any possibility of a WINTER intensive for adults? I'll be e-mailing Heidi with this (brilliant?) idea. Anybody else support it?

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Okay, so just remember: winter means a cold, uphill trudge from the hotel to the Richmond building, usually with wind (Brrrrrr...). But on a good note, the ground will be so cold the hotel hot tub may actually be a comfortable temperature for once.

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