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Coming back, fears

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Hi all! First post. I did ballet for 10 years (until I was 13), quit at the beginning of high school, found a love for theatre and aerial arts/acrobatics, and am now circling back to dance as a 17 year old-- primarily to make myself a better aerialist, but also because I really missed it. I have a trial class next Saturday and I'm scared, honestly. I know I've lost a lot of my skills (turns especially) so I know to expect that, but I'm just insecure about it all, especially since I never went en pointe. Also because of aerial, I have a much more muscular back/shoulders than your average dancer, and I'm worried about looking weird in a leotard. Basically, I feel weird about coming back to dance at this point, objectively a worse dancer than any other girls my age. Has anyone else been through this and can share their experience? Also, how good can I realistically expect to get, training about 4 times a week for an hour and a half or so? 

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, ellasol! It is great that you are returning to ballet, and I'm sure that it will be very helpful in your aerial work! 

Do not worry about what you look like or how good you are when you start back. That is not important. You are there to learn and improve your skills, and of course to just enjoy ballet classes again. So, do that! :)  

There is no way we can tell you what to expect in terms of how good you may become, as we don't know your  prior training and your facility for ballet. It would be best to just focus on now.

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