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Pointe Shoe Help for a new member

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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for pointe shoes? Mine wear out so fast and my parents can't afford to buy pointe shoes as often as I need them. Anyone here have any advice on where to buy online? 

Thank you for all of you help!

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Parents, please note this is the Young Dancer Forum.  A couple posts had to be removed. :wink:

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Hello! I'm not able to help with where to get shoes online, but I can say to make sure you're taking absolute care of your pointe shoes so they last longer! This includes making sure that they are set out to dry completely, rotating pairs of shoes, and possibly jetgluing them!

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Such wonderful suggestions from Dreamingofdance. Thank you.

Might you please explain what you mean by "wearing out so fast", as pointe shoes do not last forever. Do you have large insteps and high arches? This can have an impact on how long your shoes last. How many hours a week do you wear pointe shoes? Have you been properly fitted for pointe shoes? You might go to our Pointe Shoe forum to ask for help as well. Our Pointe Shoe moderators are quite helpful with their suggestions.

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