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Staying in shape over extended vacation

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I will be traveling in Europe this summer for about a month, and due to all the places I'm headed I won't have time to attend a ballet class. I train at a pre-professional school year round 6 days a week, and right after I come back from Europe I will be attending a summer intensive. What advice would you have to stay in shape over this fairly long break? I do not want to lose my strength, stamina, and flexibility.

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Victoria Leigh

I have found ways to to do at least a barre almost everywhere I traveled!  Stretching and barre do not take a massive space, and even small hotel rooms have been workable. Lots have fitness centers that can be used. Starting an Intensive right after a month off will be a challenge, but all you can do is at least keep the flexibility and rotation and placement working. Strength and stamina will be harder, so don't push it the first week. Tell your teachers that you have been off for a month. 

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Keeping up with some sort of barre exercise and stretching is definitely good.  I would also recommend core exercises - my go to for core is 10-15 minutes, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.  I do a different exercise for each interval (plank, crunches, oblique crunches, russian twists, sit ups... etc.).  Also simple pilates exercises are great for abdominal and leg muscles.  Walking on a treadmill while doing ballet port de bras is another one of my go to low impact exercises that helps me feel in shape! 

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