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Just saying, "Hi".  I'm a male student who likes Adagio.  I've been taking classes about four years.  Currently,  I'm searching for information about B+.   Why is it called that?  I've read it was created by George Balanchine or that it's slang for coupe derriere en terre or that it resembles the notation symbol for coupe derriere en terre.  Can anyone help me to the source of B+?



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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, dennyland!  Thank you for joining us, and we hope you will enjoy our discussions. 

There is a topic on B+ somewhere, but I can't remember where it is right now. Most likely Cross Talk or Adult Ballet Students forum. My understanding is that it most likely came from Balanchine, but not positive about that. I'm not sure we actually had a definitive answer.

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Thank you for the Reply.  Given the lengthy and international history of Ballet,  I can understand that some of the nomenclature will be fuzzy.  Some of the sources I use are the ABT Dictionary, Gail Grant's Technical Manual, Ballet Focus, Gretchen W. Warren: Classical Ballet Technique and The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet Volumes 1-5.  Can you recommend any Dictionaries that you use?  

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