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Hi, my daughter was just accepted as a trainee to our studio’s preprofessional ballet company after her first audition.

She started ballet recreationally in 2nd grade and progressed from a single ballet class per week for two years to four ballet per week, to 5 ballet per week. This past year was her first in jazz, so she started with 6 jazz classes, including basic, graded, and technique, to find her level, and cut out 2/3 lower level classes. She kept the basic lyrical class for enjoyment. She also dropped a technique class that was not challenging and cut into dinner and family time. She will be entering 6th grade in the fall. 

This summer will mark her third ballet intensive at the studio.  

Our outgoing director who is much loved started the company at our studio and worked to obtain RDA membership. We have an incoming director and hope the transition is smooth :)

My daughter will only be 11 at RDA in the spring. She won’t be able to perform, but she will have new experiences and the opportunity to meet other dancers, teachers, artistic directors, and choreographers. 

Hope to learn and share experiences with others here :)


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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, lyricalp! We are happy you have joined us, and thank you for your very nice introduction. We look forward to your joining our discussions. :)

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Hi Victoria, 

Thank you for the kind welcome!

I’m looking forward to learning more about dance as my daughter progresses through the years.  There is much I don’t know, not being a dancer myself. 


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