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I was browsing through all the posts and was wondering how everyone came up with their names.


My boyfreind came up with mine. I work for an airline on the planes and on one particular flight i was having a water fight with a steward ( my now boyfriend). Ooh have to point out there were no passengers on at this point. He came running after me down the aisle, i started running but caught my knee on one of the chairs. My knee stayed where it was but my body carried on. I was unable to walk properly for weeks after (couldnt even dance). Mike (my man) sent me a note to Skippy, along with a bandage asking if i was okay. Since then the name has stuck with me and thats how i came to get mine. :)


So how else did everyone get theres?



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Guest podiumstar

My alias comes from the fact that when I go clubbing I like to dance on the podium (small stage) above the crowd. I take my podium duties very seriously and always dance my heart out when I score a spot up there! My friends know I'll end up on the podium any night we go out for a boogie. It's not that I'm a great dancer but I do have more fun on the podium. Possibly something to do with being shortish...? I feel a bit claustrophobic on a crowded dancefloor! Originally I was Podium Spice (a la the Spice Girls) but somehow Podiumstar became my internet alias...!

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Mine is refelctive of how I felt when I first started dancing. Now I pretty much only feel that way during petit allegro. Been trying to get it on my license plate but the names already taken. :)


Now my e-mail address is a different story, one for another time.



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Guest LA girl

Well, though I do live in Los Angeles, I am really not a city girl. LA Girl was Pedro's nickname for me during my first Richmond intensive. It is correctly pronounced almost as a admonishment: LA Giirrrrrllllll.....

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There wouldn't be enough room here to list all the nick names Pedro gave me. Notice how I conveniently left them out of the "roast" on Friday night? :)

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Guest dancerwannabe

I picked mine since that's basically what I am.. I am not a particularly gifted dancer by any stretch of the imagination. I have too many names from Pedro in august. 1. Skinny lady with the hinny.. 2. bootylicious etc.. all in reference to my apparently large or jelly-like rump. How very embarrassing is that.. But truely I got Pedro back quite a bit throughout the week. :)

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I was actually thinking about doing a thread oneday, about the same thing..great minds htink alike hey Skippy?:)

Well my nicknmae Xena..well thats quite a story,and you have to go back to the year 1998 for that one. I was in my second year of graduate school (PhD for those pommes;) ) nad I was one of 2 girls in our department. All the rest were boys, and I was taller than most of them..athletic and had long brown hair and a firey temper. It was the boys that started calling me Xena, and since i also watched the series, I didn't really mind much...even when my supervisor asked me where my leather outfit was....So most of the lads were scared of me, and you kind of need a strong spirit to get by and keep your head in science. So everyone, from then on called me Xena and I lorded my 'power and( high grand battements) around the dept. When anyone new joined our dept, they thought there were 2 people, Xena and Jeanette..quite funny really..I guess you had to be there :cool:

But that was my nickname until I joined Balletalert in 2000 and calling myself anything other than Xena hadn't occurred to me. Although now I would have proabably called myself something different.



Jeanette/Xena xx

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"Táncos" is Hungarian for "dancer; since I'm a half-Hungarian who dances (albeit not very well), it was an obvious choice.

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Guest alpusachni

mine are the name of my cats(beg letters of each name) the first two are childhood cats abd the last 3 are the ones I have now


Alley, punkey, sasha, charlotte and nimmy

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Well, I'm a balletoman, but female... :( , hence the name: balletowoman! :D

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thank goodness I'm not the only one with a name w/cat connotations instead of dance--my name is taken after a beloved tabby/siamese mix cat who has passed on to kitty heaven. I always choose my cats' names as passwords, etc... because I don't forget them.

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Guest DancerLegs

I was christened DancerLegs by my husband. I have always had too thin, bird-type legs and when I started ballet, was pleased to develop a LITTLE more definition. When I joined Ballet Alert the name I requested was already in use, so the nickname came to mind.

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Hey - me too with the cat thing! Although neither of my cats have been named boots, that is one of the loving nicknames that have been applied to them over the years. Not very original, but I couldn't think of anything fun that was ballet-ish.

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