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Lower back pain

Guest SnowQueen

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Guest SnowQueen

I'm not sure if you can help me with this question but....

My lower back always hurts when i stand for a while or walk around. If I walk around the mall a half an hour later it will start to hurt. I sit down and it feels better but its really a pain. I'm thinking maybe I did something to it in ballet class. Any help would be apprecated!



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Hello SnowQueen, long time no see here at Ballet Talk :)


The pain you describe could be from something you are doing incorrectly in ballet, however it could also be from any number of other things. Anytime there is unexplained pain, especially if it continues for any length of time, there is nothing to do except see a doctor and try to determine what is wrong and then what is causing it. I'm sorry, but it's really impossible for us to determine this here.

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An illustrative example taken from VERY recent history:


I was suffering from off-and-on lower back pains which I thought were skeleto-muscular in origin. After I became dreadfully ill, it was discovered that I had a very serious digestive tract blockage which had been years in the making, and required extensive surgery to correct! I'm well on the mend, now, and the only back pains I get are indeed not from that cause, but because the surgery displaced some of my abdominal muscles, and they're learning all over again how to support my torso. So don't neglect or try to tough out a persistent pain! Have it looked into by the pros!

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Guest Broken Shimmer

I would strongly suggest to go see a doctor. I have that too, but I have scoliosis, so that's my problem. There could be a number of things wrong though.

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