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Your favourite NYC teachers or classes or studios?

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Calling all adult ballet students who take class in New York (Manhattan really). I'm going to be there on a work trip in mid-July - only for Friday to Tuesday, sadly. But I usually take a few classes when I'm in NYC, mostly Steps & Peridance. There are teachers I've really liked whom I seek out - I've really enjoyed classes with Jamie Salmon, Dorit Koppel, and Kat Wildish.

I'm "old" in dancer terms (heading for 60 later this year), and I know that my body is getting less able to do some things. So - while I still can, I've decided that I want to "collect" different experiences with different kinds of teachers.

I know I'll never be a brilliant dancer, but I teach performing arts, and so I want to learn different approaches and different ways of working within the ballet vocabulary. I really enjoy the exposure to Russian-influenced teaching when I take class in the USA - in comparison with the kind of RAD/English approach here in the UK.

So who are your picks for interesting and envigorating dance teaching styles currently in NYC? I'm generally a bit of a coward and do Advanced Beginner level, but have done "slow" Intermediate level at Peridance and survived, and been quite OK.




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