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Webseries: CBC's Off-Kilter

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Milton Frank was the ballet world’s up-and-comer who never up-and-came. After a massive plagiarism scandal, Milton keeps meaning to make a triumphant return to the world of professional ballet. It’s been the next thing on his to-do list for twenty-five years, in fact. But it’s not until his comeback gets intertwined with the agendas of a PR genius and an almost-retired ballerina that any of those intentions start to materialize.

Episodes are about 7-9 minutes long, and features five dancers from several professional companies.  What it may lack in comedy (I mean, someone else might find it hilarious.  I just don't do awkward humour) it makes up for in some gorgeous choreography by Shawn Hounsell.  There are eight episodes, which Canadian viewers can see all of right away on CBC's site, and two of them so far have been uploaded to Youtube for international viewers.  Links to both viewing methods can be found on the site linked above.

As the last episode leaves you sort of hanging, I think there will be a season 2, but I did send an inquiry because dammit, I'm slightly invested now and I want to know how it ends!!  So if I get a reply I'll post here.

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Oh, this looks like a fun series!  Hope they will continue for Season 2, or at least do some sort of a wrap-up.

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They are working on a season 2; they got back to me this morning!

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