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Thank you for sharing your personal experience, Justinitforfun. I agree that for many kids, they are doing the best they can at the time. I think a good analogy to consider would be how you could help someone who has a broken leg. This person is not deliberately trying to run slower than people who have healthy limbs, but may need some help to set the leg, cast it, and wait for it to heal. It is not willful on their part to be slower or to hobble along, but just a matter of finding the right way to help so that they have all the tools to do their best. 

LiterateGriffin, your situation with your pediatrician sounds frustrating, but even if you have an unfamiliar pediatrician, you can absolutely go in with your own agenda of concerns, and if the pediatrician you are seeing that day does not seem well-equipped or inclined to provide you with specific advice/plans/interventions, make sure you ask for referrals or contacts of other professionals who will. Additionally, you could ask at your daughter's school for recommendations as they have likely seen many kids with similar issues and could point you in the right direction. 


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