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Hi There!

I am a parent of a 9 year old boy who I put into dance to get him off the iPad, YouTube, and off screens in general.  He tells me (albeit very quietly) that he likes dance better than soccer, karate, or swim club.  I didn't know that there is a difference between ballet schools and dance schools (other styles) until I stumbled onto this forum!  I registered my son for a three week ballet summer intensive at a ballet school in a different city that I live in and again I did it to get him off those screens.  When I took him in to get him assessed for what level to put him in for the summer they offered him a scholarship for for the next school year provided he trains 10 hours a week.  I am shocked as in my eyes he looks seriously looks like a limp noodle dancing (I never tell him this).  The ballet school said something about his excellent flexibility (he can do the splits as kicking high and strong is important for karate) and that he has excellent feet (what kind of feet is needed for ballet?).

To be honest we haven't decided whether or not to take the scholarship. He will try the summer intensive and then we will decide what to do.  

I feel very foolish as I have an adult daughter and she did dance as well but I could never understand why I couldn't find a school who taught ballet, jazz, and tap well.   (After browsing this forum now I know why!! )  My daughter however disliked ballet but loved jazz and tap and the school she attended is where I put my son to keep him busy and off those pesky screens (never had this problem with my daughter as that technology was non-existent then).  My daughter is now in graduate school studying to be a physiotherapist wanting to treat dancers and competitive swimmers (as she did both growing up).

Thank you for this forum and the wealth of information here.




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