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Adult Dance Camp Photos


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Posted the pic you sent me of fellow Ballet Alert user in the Richmond string.


send more and I will post those too.



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Hello all...


It was so nice to see the pics from Aug. ADC. Performing on a real stage with lights seems to take the experience to another level !!!!! You all seem so professional!!!


I hope that both groups get to perform on stage next summer - although June's performance experience - being my first attempt ever at a performance - was nervewracking and exhilirating enough!. (I am just getting over nightmares/flashbacks of Paquita rep. piece from June).


being back at class has been great. I hope very much to be able to see lots of you this coming summer.


(ps: Anders... I owe you some pictures... will send soon)

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What classes are you taking at Ruth Page this session?


Still with Rodney?




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Hey Prince Rob. What kind of question is that?

of course I am still with the Master Teacher!

Just got back from class in fact. I am now in the level 1/11 class, 3X a week and we work pretty hard as you know (and laugh at ourselves often - he wouldn't have it any other way)....


what amazes me so much about him is he sees everything!!!



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Thanks for posting those, Luna. Nice to wake up to my e-mail and see that fun memory staring back at me. Good way to start the day.

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How does one gain permission to access the attached photos?

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Victoria Leigh

There are no photos in this topic, so I am closing it. Photos are not allowed in posts on this board.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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