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Hoping to Start Dance in the College This Fall

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Hey Everyone,

I'm a male rising college freshman intent on studying physics and math and my local university in the fall. I was inspired to dance after becoming an avid fan of Janet Jackson, Mae Jemison, and Tom Holland this year. I'm privileged to attend a university where there is a ballet club that's looking to accept beginning male dancers. I'm not really sure what to say besides that, but I look forward to having discussions with you gentleladies and gentlemen. 

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I forgot to use the plural form of a pronoun

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, Adyuto!  It's great that you have been inspired to dance, and we hope you will enjoy ballet as much as the other forms of dance. Warning....it's a lot harder, very challenging, and lots of beginners do fall in love with it!  :hyper::sweating:  Check out our Adult Ballet Students and the Male Dancers Forums. Lots of beginner discussions there. :)

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