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The ballet industry's "elephant in the room"

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The various (summer) programs my DD attended, almost all had some kind of policy in place, 3 strikes etc. So I think they would imply these rules onto their year round students (and company members) as well.

However, as dancemaven and Momof3 rightfully stated to what degree will those who commit an offense be disciplined (connections, monies)? I just refreshed my DD's code of conduct and pointedly it says 'may be subject to', so we do not precisely know where that line is drawn. I think we kid ourselves if we believe that whoever 'takes over' our kids will take care of them in the same way we do in our homes. The schools good intents in all likelihood are there but.

Personally, one of the most essential question was, is my child mature enough to handle herself in a setting far away from home? Have we as a family taught her well and contributed enough to make her a capable, competent and respectful human being to bypass irrational decisions?

What I am trying to say is that we only control our own behaviors and demonstrate our own readiness to (at least trying to stay) steering clear of destructive and damaging actions.

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