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Hi Phenomenon:

I wasn't clear about your message, is your DD attending the Lines multi-week SI?


I would love to find out how it is after she completes the program.




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Please do place your review on the Lines Ballet SI thread. :) You will find it in the SI Forum. We will look forward to hearing your DD's (and your) experiences with the program.


Now, back to the regularly scheduled thread: Ballet Schools in California--San Fran/Bay Area. :unsure:

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I'm 15 and currently at a studio in San Jose. The studio is fine technically, but I feel like I'm not improving. I want to dance professionally someday, and I'm thinking about switching to a studio that would help me get there. This studio hasn't produced any professional dancers, so I'm worried that I'll get stuck there. :wallbash:

Does anyone have any advice or reviews for Ballet San Jose, Pacific Ballet or Western or somewhere else? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Ballet San Jose


There is one for you and the rest are located here: Pre-Professional Programs- alphabetical listings


That forum has 6 pages of schools!

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If anyone woould be willing to talk with me privately about programs in SF, I would appreciate it. My dc has been looking at school websites, and is highly drawn to Berkeley Ballet Theater, especially.


If this post isn't appropraite for the forum, I understand the need to remove. If there is a better place to ask questions about finding the right school for a student, please let me know.

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There may not be current members with involvement in the areas you require, Elsee. This thread does have some recommendations, though:


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Wasn't quite sure where to post this, as the Adults/SF dance thread is very old (feel free to move this if you need to!). I need to add some cross-training to my exercise program (I ride horses for my main activity) and have been thinking about adding dance back into my life. Any advice in the Oakland area?


Any opinions about Danspace? (I actually danced there from age 3 until 10, glad to see they're still around, it was a wonderful environment for a young girl who loved to dance but had absolutely no talent at it!). I know it's not truly professional, but I'm not exactly looking for that as a recreational pursuit, I just want decent instruction.


Any other suggestions in the Oakland area? Thanks!

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Power2change, I am not certain what Shawl Anderson is offering for adults; but you might take look at their website. They are more known for their modern dance classes, but in the past also have offered ballet.

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Thanks! I like modern, too, I've done a modern class here and there over the years and will check them out.

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Any feedback regarding pre-professional classical ballet schools in the Bay Area aside from San Francisco Ballet? Details would be greatly appreciated.


SFB is a great program with a big name. Just not interested at this time.

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My DD attended an SI at City Ballet in San Francisco last summer. She learned quite a lot while she was there. The training is Vaganova based. It is a small school. They have a pre pro program and some dancers are hand picked to be in that program, I don't know how many are asked. They are not affiliated with a ballet company. Graduates have gone on to professional careers, a couple are now dancing with SFB now I think. My DD current school is not pre pro and I want to move her to one this fall. I'm trying to decide between SFB and City for her, not sure which one would be a better fit for her. Just curios, why are you not interested in SFB? I don't know anything about that school.

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Does any one have some current recommendations for good schools in the North Bay area? The politics at my DD's current school are breaking her spirit and I think it is time for a change...

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