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Newbie Dance Mom

New to competition and unsure about so much. HELP!

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The year my DD joined the competition team at her studio was life changing. Her technique got so much better, but it was really her confidence that really shone. She was suddenly not just a dancer, but a performer.

I'm not sure how your studio works, but at some studios the best technique classes are only available for dancers on the team. It's not fair, but it's very common. In our case, it wasn't that she was taking better classes, but that she was taking so many more. She went from 6 hours a week to 9 hours of week of dancing. It was enough to push her over the edge from dancing for fun to becoming a dancer.

My DD has recently switched to a ballet only studio, as she discovered after a few years that she wants to be a professional ballet dancer. She would not have been able to make the switch if she hadn't been getting good technique up until now, so that is what is most important at her age.

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Newbie Dance Mom

JustInItForFun - Such great points you bring up.  Thank you.  And you are right I should not compare her to her peers.  I mostly just meant I wanted her to feel she was keeping up so that she wouldn't feel self conscious.  The team is definitely not super focused on winning trophies (although they often do) and I re watched last year's recital and the dances definitely seem appropriate for the dancers levels and skills.  She wants to try this so we are moving forward.  I'll let everyone knows how it goes. 

Fuddyduddy - I love that you wrote how this was life changing for your daughter.  If that is our case too, all the better.  While I don't expect this to turn into a career to hear that it made your daughter a stronger dancer is kind of what I needed to hear.  My daughter is also shy but I have seen such a change in her from when we first started dance.  The studio owner also feels this will further bring her some confidence and help her with performing.  Honestly if we achieve just that I'll count this as a win.

Thank you both for responding.  It's very helpful!!!


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