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Anyone taking the residence plunge this fall?


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DK's have two good offers.  One for a company affiliated, one for a non affiliated.  Logistically, the stars are aligning for the non company affiliated.  I may send only DS15 and keep DD13 home, or send both.  I have until Friday to decide, and get packing (very quickly).  DS is most certainly going though.  I am registering for online school and scheduling orthodontist and dentist, and trying not to cry too much.  

Anyone else taking the plunge?  How is it going?


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Yes, we also are taking the plunge this year! this week I’m trying to wrap up all the details with appointments and packing. Just finished up with health forms and collecting school transcripts.  I confess to a little nail biting and I’m dreading telling DD’s home studio the news. 

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I just dropped mine off and it went very well.  She is happy and feels safe, secure and optimistic about the year ahead. She has already been home schooled so there isn't a big change there, but it was a rally to get everything accomplished between her coming home from SI (6 day time frame🤢) and then washing/repacking for leaving for a year.

She will hopefully be flying back and forth on breaks so our vehicle looked like a circus clown car going up the interstate! It is very exciting, and had she been weepy (or me) I would have known it wasn't right.... thankfully that didn't happen! She's an older teen now and has wanted to leave since she was 12 and I felt it was right at this stage. 

danceimatter, I know that feeling....hard to rip that bandaid off, but we felt so much better after we did, and they were really cool with it. They were very good to her, and it was very hard to make that break, but agewise it was necessary. Good luck! 

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My daughter (13) will be entering the year round training program at the National Ballet School of Canada.  We have deliberated on this decision for the past two weeks, and while I can't say I'm thrilled to have her move away at such a young age, she thinks the school is a wonderful fit, is ecstatic about the opportunity to learn at such a wonderful place, and is very excited to get to work.....  So, my husband and I have decided to support her and see how it goes.  The school is incredible - excellent teaching, beautiful facilities, academics that complement the dance program....pretty much everything she needs will be right there in house, which does make it a bit easier to send her, especially at her age.  Still, I have a pit in my stomach that may never go away.  I'm now trying to make a list of all the 'to-do's" before she moves in on Sept 4 and fit in as much family time as we can before she goes.  

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cupcake3 we have a friend sending their DD there too.  I am sure your DD will have a great time, and yes the school is amazing!  I feel for you though-- my DD13 is leaving too.  It feels young and I feel like a bad parent.  She is determined to go and I am very nervous and afraid I am making a huge mistake. I am taking the approach that we can try it and I can go get her if needed.   At this point I am telling myself we will try it for 3 weeks.  The home studio starts 3 weeks after this other one does, so if she hates it, she will come back.  At this point I am planing to visit them or have them visit home once a month, hopefully more and lots and lots of Facetime.  ACK.


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nynydancer - I feel the same as you.  I also keep telling myself that if it doesn't work out, we can always undo it.  We are on the west coast, so we are not close and have a 3hr time difference, but there are many flights directly to Toronto each day, which is comforting.  DD loved summer school and is really thrilled to get the chance to go for the full year.  I have a feeling she is going to be in heaven, and I will be the one who has the adjusting to do.

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We are doing it again--four years after older DD left home to train, younger DD will be off in a little over a week. She is going farther away than her sister did the first year, but she is excited about the upcoming year! I have mixed feelings as I already know what the "sending off" process entails (mad rush of appointments, shopping, packing, and planning!), but that doesn't overshadow the current emotional denial that my baby will be gone, and the nest will be empty.

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DD’s are headed off to full time pre-pro. We only decided on which program at the very last minute (as they were trying out a few programs this summer to see which they liked best, etc.), so they’ll be leaving in a week and a half, and we are still out of town finishing up one of the programs! We’ll have less than a week when we get back home to turn everything around and be ready to hit the road. We’d thought we would have until September, but the company is starting auditions and rehearsals early for the fall production. Oh well, it’ll be good to have plenty of time for them to find an apartment and get settled in before classes start in earnest.

I’m still a little bit in denial, to be honest! 



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DD is heading to full time pre-pro next week.  Excited AND scared.   Found an apartment, roommates, enrolled in online school.  It's been a lot, and there will be more to handle, but she's ready.  I, on the other hand...

Congratulations to all of the dancers and families; best of luck to everyone!

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Okay here is something I did NOT think about.  Losing the community associated with my ballet school.  Not being a part of the bustle of starting the new year and the circle of parents.  Feeling really left out, but not sure I have it in me to volunteer and help out either.

Further, I am getting a little shade about the new school.   I was told by a friend that she was discussing with her friends about my dks going away to this new school.  She heard that UNNAMED STAR STUDENT from NEW SCHOOL is actually very mean and rude, and some of the kids from the new school were behaving badly at YAGP once.  

Ai Yai yai.  Never felt more lonely!

DKs are doing well though!


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nynydancer. .. there is  drama everywhere but "water always seeks it's own level'--- meaning kids who don't like drama typically are not friends with drama queens. And the mean, rude kid is everywhere--home studios as well.  Mental toughness is as much of the deal as anything at the 14-18 stage.  It's really a set of mental skills that the kids need. 

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