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Anyone taking the residence plunge this fall?


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17.  Had just finished high school (online and at home).  He was half way through the home studio's full time program.

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From what I understand, an acceptance to residency program in ballet is not like acceptance to a four year degree program at university. If this is correct, it is not certain if a 14 year old will be approved to remain in the program until 18. If this is so, it is really important to have another option.

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Labrador that was one of my questions....If she’s not allowed to stay then what. Especially if we accidentally burn a bridge at her home studio.

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In my opinion if the new program isnt right for her then deal with that situation if and when it happens. I dont think that is a reason for inaction. New opportunities and relationships will happen at the residential school. You will have a new deck of cards at that point.

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Of course, not inaction. It seems that a lot of short notice planning may be necessary, especially in situations across state lines.

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sure. I dont mean to sound harsh. Our decision required our dancer to leave the country. I wanted to say that I identify with the fear of leaving a known for an unknown. We actually opted for inaction at one point, that felt good initially. Once we sat with that for a little while, it wasnt right and we moved the mountain.

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Bekah21, Yes, we were in this boat last year. DD was offered a spot in year round program and the director at her studio was not supportive. 


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There is actually a post I made about it last summer, I'll see if I can find the link. It details the process we went through to make our decision. However, it does not detail the consequences that resulted. We chose to send her to the year round. Although the director was not supportive, all of her other teachers (those that were actively teaching her and those that had moved on) said she should go. I do suspect the director had other motivations for wanting to keep her. 

The company that made the offer also did not put any pressure on us. They indicated that if we wanted to wait a year, they would support that decision. "Once we're interested, we're interested. That's not going to go away." But they also said they would expect her to progress at the same rate she would progress if she attended the year round. 

However, the studio/director severed all ties with us and the relationship is completely broken. We had had a 20 year relationship, friendship that was before dance. I never predicted this would be the outcome and we are grieved. But I also know that this was the right decision for our DD. 

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Thank you for the honestly. We’ve been at the current school only 3.5 years but would still be heartbroken if things turned out poorly there as we have many friends there now.

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I went and spoke with our home studio in person yesterday. Just as I thought, no support. After a year is your DD happy with the choice even though it burned a bridge?

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HI Bekah21, She couldn't be happier with the choice. We didn't realize the amount of progress and growth she would make training at the year round. But now we realize she would not have improved at this rate had she stayed at her home studio. I was skeptical this would be the right choice for her, but the quality of training is better. Looking back, I can say her studio was excellent in getting her to the point of attending a year round, but she had definitely plateaued in her growth. 

However, the lost relationships have been hard. There is a grieving process. The studio poisoned the well with the other students and families and they no longer talk to her. She is still getting her footing with her new community, but she would tell you the trade off was worth it. She is still friends with those that knew her best and outside of dance. 

We have no regrets about the decision. We feel like this has been an unexpected gift. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. ☺️

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On 7/14/2019 at 10:40 AM, Thyme said:

 It was vital to be clear if people were speaking about their own need and fears or our dancer's needs.

I love what Thyme shared and so agree! ^^^

Page 2 on August 30th of the link below I shared about our decision process. (Sorry I forgot to post that earlier, I forgot!)




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