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Anyone taking the residence plunge this fall?


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My daughter is not going away, but is switching to a day program at her current studio. The advice from learningdance about helping schedule academics is really helpful for me. My DD is starting high school this fall and will be doing school online. While we both look forward to a year of not rushing to the studio straight from school, cramming in some snacks before class, eating dinner at 9pm, I think she is underestimating the discipline it will require to stay on schedule academically. Reading this thread has made me grateful she’ll be at home so I can help her manage everything, but also serves as a reminder that with every new stage I am hopefully preparing her for the day she’ll need to manage it more on her own—whether that’s one year from now or four. 

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Bekah21, thank you! It's so hard to know what the right thing to do is. And to clarify above with the pushback I know we'll get--that is from the home studio, not the studio with the offer. The studio with the offer is even trying to see if we'll consider letting her go 2 times a week--but it's a 4 hour drive in each direction. I do not know if I have it in me to do that, though it would likely create an automatic transition to doing some of her academic work online this year.


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That sounds like a fantastic opportunity and the best of both worlds! Good luck to your dancer with that transition!

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I understand the pushback from home studio as we are facing the same issue. The drive you mentioned sounds very difficult, but yes agree that it could guarantee that the offer would be there next year and make for an easier transition. That is a lot to consider though too as depending on what part of the country you live in....winter driving or driving when time change and it's dark at 5pm could get difficult.

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Bekah21, Yes, it would involve some dicey winter driving at times. Trains are available but only one a day on our end, so not really ideal, and often cancelled with the heavy snow. 

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I understand how conflicted you feel. If it’s not feasible, then it’s not an option right now. 

On the other hand, can you give it a try for one semester? Two days a week are a significant chunk of time, eight hours on the road...it’s a lot. However, can you work out a sleepover, maybe one day a week? If the two days are consecutive, and DD sleeps over, the driving time is broken in half.

I totally get the stress and danger of winter driving. I do not want to add to your stress. I am bouncing off ideas.

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labrador, thank you! I have a tentative phone meeting with the offering studio's AD--those are good questions to consider. Back to back days would be easiest on us, for certain. Losing two days at her home studio could also affect any performance opportunity at home with rehearsals--so I just don't know how doing it part-time is feasible but really need to get more information on logistics. But if the training elevates her dancing more than performances at home, that is what she's in this for, then it could be worth it. She learned long ago not to place so much stock in the casting at home when she's in it to improve with the actual classes.


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So the co director called my daughter today, with my permission, and gave her her blessing. This is the one who was not supportive. While I’m sure she is still upset and worried about my daughter, this phone call was exactly was DD and I needed. I think it’s very humbling for a teenager to see adults do things like this. Maybe having a few days to think it over helped.

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That's incredible, Bekah21!  How wonderful!! What a gift to both you and your daughter!  Look forward to hearing what you decide and how things go!


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Funfetti, she’s staying at the residency school. And now knowing that we have the blessing of both directors she feels much better. 

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Bekah21 thank you for updating this new development.  What a lovely way for your DD to start the next part of her training.  Wishing you both the best

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