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Men going last in class


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Has anyone heard of the ballet class protocol of men going last in the floor exercises in ballet class.  I have been taking adult classes for a number of years and have not heard this until recently.

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It is not uncommon for men to go in a separate group as they tend to jump higher and will therefore often dance at a slower tempo. In some schools, with some teachers, the men will go last. Heather Hawk, one of the most popular teachers in NYC for open classes, will usually have the men go first. It varies.

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Hmm, in "accross the floor" exercises I try to get in the first group, since I'm using up more space faster when I don't limit me hard. In fast petit allegro I try to hide in the back since most time I'm still in the air when the next step should be done.... but we have a big woman with the same problems.

Only man in class problems.


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Long ago I was told it was traditional for men to go last. Unless I'm in a very small class I keep the tradition.

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Yes, men going last is traditional. However if you are the only guy , It doesn't always hold. I tend to go when I'm pretty sure I have the combination. Not always last.

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