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Taxi dance

Current information on Kansas City Ballet’s day program and Washington Ballet’s Pre-Professional Program anyone?

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Taxi dance

If somehow has current information on the Kansas City Ballet’s Day Program or The Washington Ballet’s Pre-Professional Program, please share. Thanks! 

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Taxi dance, we have a dedicated thread for Washington Ballet School in the Pre-Professional/Residential School forum.  Please review that thread and ask any additional questions you have regarding that program there.  Please, members, do NOT add information regarding WSB to this thread; please do so on its dedicated thread.  (That’s what the dedicated threads are here for.  :thumbsup: 

If folks have information regarding the Kansas City Ballet’s program, it would be in the Finding a Pre-Pro School forum.  The threads there are arranged alphabetically by State and occasionally broken down further by region or city. 


Any additional information regarding the Kansas City Ballet program should be added to that thread.  That way others looking for the information will find it also. :)

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