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Hi all,


I want to learn ballet but need help choosing the right dance leotard also where can I go to get one fitted ect..

I am a beginner.



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, jjm. I hope you find lots of useful information here.

If your profile is correct, you're a male dancer. Men sometimes wear leotards, but for men beginning to learn, usually a close-fitting T-shirt and tights (leggings, even cycle shorts are fine) and socks will be the way to start. So I wouldn't worry about a leotard. If you decide to keep dancing, getting soft flat ballet shoes fitted can help. A specialist dancewear shop (most big cities have them) will help and advise you there. Once you know what suits your feet, you can often buy what you need online.  But I wouldn't worry about a leotard as your first priority at this point.

Men also really need to think about underwear - the support & protection of a dance belt is more important than a leotard. You can head over to the Men's section of this messageboard to read up on dance belts or ask specific questions there (only men post there!) Here's a general intro to that topic: Link to a thread on dance belts


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Hi jjm.  If you are female, or you just really like leotards, you can skip it for the first few classes.  Most adult classes (and all the beginning adult I know of) are totally fine with students wearing close fitting leggings or thin sweatpants/yoga pants and a t-shirt or tank top.  Go ahead and ask about the dress code when you sign up.  If it requires a leotard, ask which stores they recommend.  Once you're in class, you can see the types of leotards other students are wearing and which ones you think you'd like to try.  Then ask where they got them.  I would only buy your first one or two from stores where you can try them on.

If there is no class requirement for style or color, pick something you are comfortable moving in without having to adjust the shoulders or hip areas.  So not too tight or loose.  And one that works on your body type, whatever it is.  A leo that is perfect for one person might be completely wrong for you, even if it's your size.  What stays on your classmate the entire class might ride up or slip down on you.  So buy one and test it out.  

Keep in mind that you will heat up as you dance, so you might prefer short sleeves or a tank, with a coverup at the beginning of class perhaps, to a long-sleeved leo.  But that's personal preference (one often shared by dancers like me who are middle-aged women).

I completely agree with Redbookish that getting ballet slippers is the priority.

I hope you find classes you love!


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