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Housing and area around Kansas City Ballet School

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This information is all very, very helpful, Mom2lilred!  We are looking at apartments nearby or on the streetcar line. There will be a (hopefully) brief period where my dd’s will not have a drivers license, because their current ones expire when they turn 18 in October. Due to a ridiculous quirk in our state’s beaurocracy, they have to renew in person. I’m hoping to bring them home at Thanksgiving to get that taken care of. In the meantime I’m thinking it seems like if they are on the streetcar line and in walking distance they may be okay. I’m thinking somewhere between the studio and the Kauffman Center. They could uber or use Instacart to get groceries. Does that sound somewhat doable to you that’s area? I’ve been there once, but I don’t know the area around the studio well.  And I haven’t used the streetcar before, so I don’t know how reliable/useful it is.

Thanks again everyone for sharing so much helpful information! I’m really scrambling to figure everything out in about a week!

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Yes, that is the area we live. My DD and I walk to the grocery store all the time. If the weather is bad we just take the streetcar. The streetcar is free and runs up and down Main St. There are apps that help you track where it is, so you can time your arrival/departure. Another option for buying food is also the City Market - which is the Farmer's Market in River Market. How many times can I put market into a sentence. :P Since the downtown grocery store is a little pricey for everyday items, I'm sure that if they ever needed to get to Target or even the dance shoppe, a ride with a classmate or classmate's family could be arranged. I am willing to help as I am sure are other KCB families. When you're in town the ballet can give you my number if you want to meet up for coffee. They will know who I am if you tell them my screen name. lol

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My DD was in level 4 at KCBS Daytime program last year. She was 18 years old. She lived one block from the street car and used it every day to get to and from class. She lived in the financial district which is between river market and power and light. All is within a matter of a few blocks, the streetcar was very convenient for her and I felt that she was safe. She did her grocery shopping at Cosentinos market which was perfect for all her needs on 13th between Main and Walnut. It has pretty much all your basic things. She got her prescriptions filled at CVS on the corner of 10th and Main (Also on the streetcar line) She did take an uber home from the theater sometimes in the winter when it was cold during nut but often got a ride from friends. The area is well lit. She enjoyed her time there and it was a nice place for her to be her first time living on her own (across the country from family and friends). She had a lot of respect for Ms. Racheal the principal of the Day School and will miss her this season as she has accepted a second company position in another city.

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Congratulations on your daughter's second company position! That's wonderful.

It's great to know that there are good options for shopping and drugstore needs, etc.  We are going to take a car out there, to see how it goes. When I get them settled in and leave, I'll decide then whether to bring the car back with me or not. I like them to have mobility, but I also know having a car comes with extra headaches like paying for parking, taking it in for maintenance, repairs, etc. Not to mention, we don't currently own an extra car!  (somehow, between buying a car or paying for summer intensives, dance always won out) Combined with them not having valid licenses for a couple of months, it might not be worth it, and they'd be better off ubering when necessary.  But I'm sure we'll get a better idea of how this all works when we get there. I'm relieved that there are ways to manage, at least for the short term!  Thank you for sharing that information about the nearby area.

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Thanks. When we first went there and from looking at a map, I was under the impression that things were farther than they actually are. If you take a look at the map you can see that to ride the streetcar from one end to the other takes about 15 minutes so its all very compact. http://kcstreetcar.org/route/  I don't know if you have seen this site but it explains it all very well. We used it when apartment hunting. It saved us a lot of money. Wished she still had it. 

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Gasguzzler, Congrats to your DD! I hadn't heard about her 2nd Company position, so well deserved. Your DD is a beautiful dancer!

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Thank you Mom2LilRed, 

She did enjoy her time at KCB. It was a good place for her. She didn't do a lot of the extras (YAGP, Youth Ballet) not because of the quality of those programs, I assume they are great experiences since all that we experienced there was well organized and professional, but because she needed the extra time to learn to live on her own, cook, shop, do laundry, housework etc. (and also for financial reasons). Since she didn't drive, and it is pretty laid back compared to what we are used to on the East Coast, I thought it was a good city for that growing up part. 


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Joining this thread now, as we start to look for housing for my daughter (18).  I'm curious if it is hard to find roommates?  And thanks for the great information!


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Hello!  I am looking for a roommate for my 18 yo daughter who will be in the Day Program at KC Ballet.  We are hoping to be in the Crossroads area or downtown and take the trolley.  Does anyone have any leads?  We thought we were all set, but her friend decided to take a studio as her mom will be visiting often.  Thank you in advance!

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