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San Francisco Dance Center Question

Guest alpusachni

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Guest alpusachni

Im going to be going to the two Sunday classes as often as possible. The ten a.m and hte 1:30 pm. I know what Bart station to get out at, and hwere the studio is located but is there anyplace nearby(such as a park) to go to during the time between the classes(as far as eating lunch)


also I would do more than the two classes but I work two jobs, so my only real free time is after 6:30pm(meaning i'd never catch the train in time to make the weekday evening classes for my level) and Sundays. I'm going to also do ballet, tap and jazz classes Mon-Thursdays(but in the East Bay area)


I"m hoping to start my first Dance Center classes withinn a week or two(once I figure out my other classes and payment costs etc..) i'll be the one who is 25 but looks around 17-lol. :(

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Guest Lola_Doggy

There is not really a park nearby that you would want to spend too much time in.


You could however pop just accross the road to the lawns at the back of city hall, quite pleasant actually and only about 6 minutes away.


I'll be the one who feels 41 holding a three month old baby.

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hi alpusachni


Lola is the one who encouraged me to come to the SFDC in the first place and am greatly indebted to him:D a million hugs to you X


Quite a few do both classes, and some normally just get a bus either way down market and hit the lunch places. There isn't a park as such..but if you head right down Market you end up along the EMbarcadero and that is a nice place to eat lunch, and if you head Left, you end up in the Castro which is also a nice place to eat lunch. But I wouldn't go anywhere 5 blocks either side of where the school is.

Lola used to take the 10am class, but he has his little baby Ansel now to tecah ballet to at home ;) he is adorable..Ansel I mean..and Tim too.


Anyway, I take the 10am class and it is split into 2 sides. The real basic side (taught by Sally) she does real basic technique and breaks a lot of the steps down, and does floor barre as well. The more advanced side works with Kathy, and you do normal barre there, then on into the center work.

Both sides are hard. I have started working with Sally in my pointe shoes though. So I do the basic side but in pointe. I do this because I need to really work hard at properly reteaching myself the correct muscles to use. (I have had a knee problem and ankle problem). Also, I get to see how adults are taught, or rather how you teach adults the basic stuff. Which is good as perhaps one day I would like to teach basic ballet to adults. Anyway, I'm not too full of pride not to go and work in the basic class. Even today my calf muscles are so tight still after Sundays class. Both Kathy and Sally really work you hard, and of course if you push yourself, they will work you even harder! So in some ways this class is harder than the more advanced classes.

So perhaps I might see you on Sunday? Look forward to it :(



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