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Company Auditions 2018/2019


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I am currently beginning to look at the audition process for different companies but I am feeling slightly overwhelmed as where to begin. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good companies or apprenticeship programs that I can further research. I am hoping to find a company (either in the US or not) that is respectable but small enough to where I can get ample performing opportunities. I have heard good things about Ballet Austin and Kansas City Ballet but also looking for other options. 

Thanks so much!! :)

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Coballetgirl, welcome to BT4D.  We are glad you found us. 

Unfortunately, having never seen you dance, not a single one of us are in a position to make suggestions of companies for which you’d be a good fit and thus, encourage you to incur audition costs.  I would suggest that your teachers are in the best position to make those suggestions and give you direction in terms of which companies and post-grad training programs you should pay particular attention in researching. 

In the meantime, BT4D members have collected and shared much information regarding post-grad training programs, bridge and second company positions, as well as information and insights into the audition process and journey. 

I recommend you pull up a comfy chair, a favorite beverage and spend some time exploring the Forums pertaining to professional transition discussions.  That will give you a nice overview of the next step in your journey. Happy reading!

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