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DD16 just started at a new full time program.  This first week was already hard, since it's far from home; placement came out and was disappointing.  OK, that's a hurdle to get over.  What she's noticing is that she keeps getting corrected for showing artistry, for moving her head a bit at barre and in center, for looking like she actually wants to be there (which she really really does!) The teachers were telling her to not move her head and not show any emotion.  This is not what she's used to.  Anyone else experience this?  It did just start, she's new and everyone is getting used to each other.  I just wonder if they will see her artistry as a benefit or a detriment.  I would think benefit!  

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Victoria Leigh

Artistry is certainly is a very important thing, but, as a teacher I have to also say that it might also appear to be an affectation, or that the dancer is just taking it a bit too far.  I love artistry, and a student who uses her head, eyes, port de bras, and is also not afraid to show emotion. That said, I have had a few come in who just take it too far, or are simply exaggerated in their movements. I think she might just give it a bit of time to figure out if the style of the school is too different for her, or if they are just trying to tone down some overuse of certain things.  Sometimes I wish I had more students with the ability to show emotion and enjoyment, but I still have to deal with some who take that to the point of mannerism or affectation. However, I really much prefer one who just needs some overuse correction to those who have no obvious passion for what they are doing! 🤗

Has she watched their top dancers to see how they work?  That could help her a lot in determining what the training there accomplishes. It might be just fine, or it might be just not to her taste. Just check and see how they come out in the end!

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Thank you, Victoria Leigh.  You are right; it's easier to bring something down than to work to bring it up!  We are all trying to take a breath and settle in to the new school; I think once the routine is better established and she knows what they want, it will hopefully be better.

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