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How many have you encouraged?

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I was just wondering if any of you have encouraged someone you know (family/friend/aquaintance/stranger) to either take up ballet or return to ballet and if so how many?


I think my first was Beckster, although she was already kind of doing ballet so perhaps it doesn't count..but I managed to get her to come to our ballet school (despite never ever having met her until that first class she took) and she hasn't looked back since...I get happy hearing about her achievements now :P

Then there is a girl here where I work. I managed to find out that she used to do ballet, 8 years ago, and well after 3 months of talking about it with her and nagging her about it, she is finally off to her first class, tonight :) cool.


I have another lady I am working on, although she isa bit trickier as she has some injuries, but give me a few more months and I'll have another recruit;)


I enjoy reuniting people with their lost love..ballet.



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I'm right with you!


I have a very dear friend who I have been dragging kicking and whining to class with me, and now she is hooked and looking forward to it. She is talented too, just needed the big arm taking her with me.


I regularly talk to all my friends about it. They say - "gee, you look like you have lost weight" and I say - ballet, and then we get on a discussion.


I want to see lots of adults packing the classes, we could have such an interesting ballet scene if we can grow the genre.


I can't say enough about how much I've benefited. It is worth every drop of sweat, every penny, every humiliating moment - this weekend I felt like I was dancing inside a rose. It is so fine to find such a wonderful passion!

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I make no secret of ballet. I have brought some people to class, even my wife.

My classes finished tonight until september, in September I have 2 more friends coming to class

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I think I can count one or two new ballet beginners, though I didn't do it alone. I have several friends who have begun to do some dance form or other during the last two or three years, and the infection seems to be spreading. ;)


psavola, on the other hand, can probably count me as her recruit, though she might not know it. :) But had I not known that some one I knew was also taking ballet, and that this was very much appreciated instead of looked down to by my friends who did not, I would have been much more shy to start myself.

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Guest DancerLegs

I was able to convince the other adults in one of my classes that we should do the recital last May, and we all had a blast. Does that count? :( And my husband has developed an interest, enough so that he had me show him some beginning exercises (his comment: this stuff is HARD!) and will willingly watch ballet with me. I personally can't say enough about the support I have received from forums such as this one - because of the internet I returned to ballet after 20+ years and have not looked back!

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Guest beckster

Jeanette, I don't think I'd started ballet until I started posting here. So really you are my ballet mentor, since you introduced me to your ballet school, and I don't think I would have kept it up without that. I think everyone on this board deserves a pat on the back, because whenever someone new comes along everyone jumps right in with good advice. So in a way, we've all helped people get started in ballet as an adult! It seems so geeky to consider the internet as part of your support group, but adult ballet students are few and far between, and we need all the support we can get. I'm sure that, if it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't be doing ballet now ... and its now such a part of my life that I can't imagine not doing it!

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A friend from my last work and I went to a few classes together last year - she didn't want to go by herself and people had heard that I was into finding somewhere to go. As it happened, she really liked the class but I didn't. She's still going to this day!


When I was at university I met a girl in the dancing society and introduced her to my Elementary teacher - she fell in love with her classes too.


The only thing I can't do is convince any of my friends that it isn't a completely bonkers hobby to have! Let alone get any of them along to try it out. I wish I could, then they would see why I don't go and meet them in the pub sometimes etc. etc.:(

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Guest dancerwannabe

I try to encourage people whenever I can. People give me a lot of flack at work about it (I work in a male dominated manufacturing environment) At first I was quieter about it but not anymore. My bosses think I've lost my mind. They can't imagine why I would pay to go to Dance camp. But I don't care. The more willing I am to talk about it and tell other people about how great it is because the more adults get used to hearing about other adults pursuing ballet, the less shocking it will be. So if I have to be the little renegade I will. Although I can't claim responsibility for anyone starting ballet. I do try to encourage the students that show up for their first time and seem to be getting discouraged. You can't just show up to ballet class and expect to get it. I see a lot of adults that try it out once or twice but never come back..

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