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Dan, quite a few men take pointe at some stage of their dancing career. Some to it to improve and strengthen their feet, others do it to support technique needed if they're cast in a character role which requires male pointe, as in Georgian or Circassian folk dance (which isn't real pointe, but actually standing on the knuckles of the toes, and crimping the sole of the boot to make a sort of artificial shank, owww), and still others do it just to find out what it's like!


The requirements for boys to try pointe are just the same as those for the girls; a skeletal age of at least 11.5 years, minimum three years training, no fewer than three classes a week of technique before adding any pointe, not overweight, and of sufficient strength and technical ability to support the new sort of technique.


Don't try it unsupervised! Check with your teacher. Some have a thing against teaching pointe to boys.

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Oh, lordy, yes - I had a part for about a year that was all Russian character work, and had a bunch of jumps and hops on pointe. I only found out about it about two weeks from the opening! Talk about intensive study! Everything went all right, though; for some reason, I could never talk anybody else into doing the part for me!;)

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