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Ballerinas who are movers


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I was wondering if any of you had a list of ballerinas who are more movers not necessarily great technicians. Thanks.

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The not necessarily great technicians is a kicker in your request.  All professional dancers are great technicians.  They would not be where they are without it.  Debatable would be those who may have stronger technical prowess in one area or another.  

If you are asking about artistry in classical ballet, then that answer will go down one road.   But if you are asking movers, in terms of contemporary dance then that is quite another answer.  

The thing about a list, is that once contemporary dance and artistry go into the equation so does opinion.  


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I guess my question is dancers who are more artistically inclined in their dancing rather then known for their perfect feet and extensions, I of course know at a company level all dancers are required to be at a high technical level 

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Misa Kuranaga of Boston Ballet.  She "floats"... truly an amazing mover and beautiful artistically, but not a "perfect" ballet body with jaw dropping facility.

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I thought the terms "mover" and "dancer" were used in the area of musical actors to say something about their focus.

A "dancer" is someone who is really a good dancer who doesn't have to be a great singer.
Where a "mover" should not be given a dancing role and has to be a good actor or singer to compensate.

Isn't it?

So in a dance company you wouldn't find a mover by that definition.

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