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Movies: The White Crow - Rudolf Nureyev's Defection

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Earlier in the summer, there was a trailer for a Ralph Fiennes movie about the defection of Rudolf Nureyev.  It was due to be released at the end of August.  I have seen nothing about it since.  Has anyone else head about it or seen it listed at their local cinema?



OK - I didn't read to the end of the variety review it's release date is now 2019.  I'll leave it here so people know.

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I watched this movie yesterday and found it enjoyable and fascinating. Oleg Ivenko who plays Rudi (Rudolph Nureyev) was superb, a captivating dancer with fabulous technique. Initially I thought the actor playing Rudi must have a dance double but gradually realised they were the same person and that the actor (Oleg) was a dancer who looks very like Rudolph Nureyev.

There are beautiful shots of Russia, St.Petersburg, Moscow and wintry Siberia as well as Paris and the 1960's costuming and sets were spot on. The numerous dance shots are short so this movie would still be of interest to non ballet people especially those who are interested in Soviet history and politics.  

The movie is based on the book 'Rudolph Nureyev: The Life' by Julie Kavanagh which I haven't read so I can't compare. Ralph Fiennes was appropriately cast as Pushkin. Sergei Polounin made an appearance but I didn't recognise him or realise he was in the movie until I looked up more information just now. 

Rudi comes across as a very ambitious passionate young man, at times impetuous and volatile. He is also portrayed as someone who was determined to educate himself in the arts as much as possible to help him become the best artist he could be. 

I'd go and watch it again and it's probably a movie that I will purchase.

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