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I got annoyed by this adult classmate

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Goodness! I am sometimes really surprised by what goes on in class - or to and from class - when I am busy trying to _teach_ said class. 

If I ever _do_ catch a whiff of someone being insensitive or downright rude to another student, I try to address it as soon as possible; sadly, I do not always know if something like that is going on. 

As to (mostly newer) students not knowing the etiquette of ballet class, yes, that happens all the time. I guess people are really very different, no? Personally if I am new to something, I do not position myself down centre front; I try to hold back and pick up as much as I can on my own before asking for help. And so do most students. There are exceptions, and as the teacher, I do admit to sometimes being so surprised by their behaviour that I am at first shocked into silence and paralysis. 


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