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I would like to start dancing at 15..

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I’m audrey and I am 15. I love dancing and I always have, but I feel like I’m too late. 

I would love to start dancing seriously, does anyone have advice that might help me achieve this? If so I would appreciate you sharing.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Audrey. You'll find lots of useful information here to help you find a good school in your area - browse the Pre-professional schools forum, and the Young Dancers section to get some ideas about what you should be looking for.

Anyone can start to learn to dance at any age. It may be, that starting at 15, you'll never be a soloist for the Royal Ballet, but you can still learn the art and technique of ballet and derive a lot of personal joy from doing so.  Read this message board to find out what you should be looking for in a ballet school, and then get to class! And enjoy yourself.

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Hi! I started around age 11, pointe when I was a month away from 14. Being 17 now, feeling behind is still one of the things I struggle with. However, it is so amazing that we as dancers are able to find this thing that makes us feel so alive and happy (despite how amazingly difficult it is!!). I wish you the best of luck!

One thing that may help also is finding a great regional summer intensive so you don't have to go away just yet, the cost is cheaper sometimes, and you may be able to train there year round! 

Another good thing is utilizing your resources. For example, it could be very helpful to find some conditioning exercises on youtube or some sort of video format that could help strengthen those tiny muscles/other important ones to help you later in class/performances. Then you can make key connections so you know you are training the right way!

Best of luck to you!

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Even 50 wouldn't be too late!

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As someone who started dancing in college I will offer my opinion that 15 is definitely not too late!  I also had always loved dancing but had never had the opportunity to train as a child.  In college I had access to free dance classes and took advantage of all of them - ballet, modern, and jazz (I was in a bit of a rush to "catch up", and the truth is it's not really something that can be rushed).  Naturally, my advice would be GO FOR IT.  You will not regret trying something you love, but you are likely to regret never trying it...and it is better to start at 15 than 18, 21, or 30, though I agree with Kalshnikov that it's never too late.

A professional ballet career is an elusive goal that few will achieve even if they train all their lives.  But having dance be a rewarding and satisfying part of your life, including performing opportunities, is absolutely possible.   My suggestion would be finding the best teacher you can who can really teach the fundamentals and start taking classes, ideally while cross-training for flexibility, strength, and injury prevention (like yoga or pilates).  Try different studios, and don't overlook adult classes or community college classes, until you find a good fit.  Give yourself time and build up to more classes as you gain strength.  It is important to start at the beginning and build your foundation, but try different dance styles and consider supplementing your "serious' ballet classes with a fun class here or there in hip hop or modern or jazz.  DO NOT be discouraged by other kids your age who have been dancing for years and seem so far ahead.  Every dancer is on their own journey.

I know several people who started dance late and had long, wonderful careers in professional modern companies.  Personally I was able to have a small stage career and got to work with some great people, though I never gave up my day job :).

A lifetime of doing what you love and enjoy is a true possibility for you.  Good luck!

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