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Adult Ballet Classes - In Central or South England (NOT London)


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I am looking with my boyfriend to move from London that we currently live. We haven't yet decided the place but certainly, our choice will depend on a place that has Adult ballet classes as it's very important for me. I have been dancing for years but the last few months I have started ballet so I am in Beginner stage and sometimes I go to Improvers. 


So it would be important the school or academy to not have just one hour per week but 2-3 at least. The only school I have found till now is Dance Exchange in Birmingham.


Thanks in advance

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DanceXchange in Birmingham is excellent. It's one of the (few) things I miss about no longer living in Birmingham. The ballet teachers are current or ex-BRB dancers and the studios are lovely. There's also the Nicholson School of Dance - again, excellent teaching & facility.

You might look at classes in Brighton, and I think Bournemouth and Swindon have active adult dance classes. Outside of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, you might find it difficult. I live in a county town a lot further west, and have found a wonderful studio, where I can do 3 classes a week. Unfortunately they're at a beginner level, but they keep me tuned up and I supplement with more advanced classes in Birmingham and London.

A bit further west & both Bristol and Bath have good provision for adult students. 

Have a look at the Dance Agencies in each county or regional area: they will have listings. NB: These are not agents for getting dancers work, they are subsidised organisations bringing high quality dance to the community. Swindon Dance, for example, is renowned for producing very good dancers.

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Thank you so much for the reply, it's quite helpful to know that DanceXChange is so good, this might determine our choice. 

Also, it looks very good that you have found a studio that has 3 classes, that's what I was telling I was looking for as all studios I find don't seem to have more than 1-2 classes for beginners per week.


Thanks also for the advice, I will look in the Dance agencies you say.

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