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I'm posting this here as well in the hopes any adults with a few extra dollars in the bay area might see this:


The Diablo Ballet in Walnut Creek announced yesterday they will be forced to cease operations by September 15th due to a severe budget crisis. They need to raise $150,000 by then to keep the doors open. This is a company that was quickly establishing itself with an world-class reputation. If you want more information or to find out where to make a donation, go to: Http:/Criticaldance.com/Diabloballet/.


I'm sure making a plea like this is not really kosher here, but this is a fact of life we'll be facing on a regular basis the next few years as government and corporate funding begins to run dry. This company could, sadly enough, become only the first of many major name companies to follow.


It seems like a good time to encourage everyone to look into their local company, not just this one, and investigate their financial strength. If you can, help out. As I said, with the recent corporate scandals shaking the pocket books of major corporations and individual investors, funding is quickly disappearing. I certainly hope the arts do not disappear as a result.


Just for the record, I have no interest in the company other than the fact it needs to be saved. I'd likely be as passionate about Bob's Ballet Troupe in Omaha if I got word of it's pending demise.

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I'm going to direct all responses to this thread to the one on Other American Ballet Companies because it is against Ballet Talk policy to allow the same post on two separate forums. This one is closed.

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