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Not pointing feet throughout routines

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Hello all!

What a great forum this is, very insightful and so much information. I am very new to the dance world, my 9 year old daughter only recently started dancing (just over 18 months now). She has progressed incredibly well, has wonderful flexibility, and has been made a member of the comp/elite team at the beginning of this year.

She is very tall for her age, with gorgeous long legs. However I think the length of her legs proves to be a hindrance at times, with her legs kind of controlling her rather than the other way around. She adores ballet, and apparently has "good feet" - she is often told how lucky she is that they are beautiful banana shaped  (can you tell I know nothing about dance?!?!)

Her problem is this. While she has stunning legs and feet, while performing routines (she does a lyrical and a contemporary solo), she seems to forget to maintain the point. She will go into a kick, or a leap, and her feet will be pointed at the beginning, go flat in the middle of the move, then will point again when she hits the top of the move.

Is there any exercise or way to help her to remember to maintain her point throughout the entire performance, or does this just come with practice?

Any tips appreciated, as she is so eager to learn and practices constantly, but cant seem to overcome this!


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Hi louloulou,  it takes years of correct training to maintain the strength for many many things in ballet - patience and time is all you need right now ...

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, LouLouLou. :)

Ballet1310 is correct. Young dancers of your DD's age do not yet have the strength and coordination to maintain technique throughout a combination in the center, much less a "routine".  This is especially true of those who have grown quickly, and have long legs.  Even with "banana" feet, they cannot yet get the energy all the way through the legs to the feet when in constant motion. 

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