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Canada's changing marijuana laws

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Hello everyone,

We thought that you'd like to be aware, if you are not already, that effective tomorrow (October 17, 2018) marijuana will be legal in Canada.  In broad terms this means that someone 18 or older will be able to legally purchase from a licensed source.  The minimum age may be older in Quebec.  There will be limits as to quantities, and rules are different it seems across the provinces in terms of where one is allowed to smoke.  Edibles will not be sold legally for about another year (unlike in some US states, such as Colorado).

Here is a link to a government of Canada page with some information.  I will also be posting links to news articles. As this is very new, there is still information unfolding.  We hope this will help inform your discussions with family, dance schools and companies in Canada.

http://Government of Canada re marijuana legislation

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