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Best SIs for 11/12 yr olds?

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My DD will be 12 this summer and is very interested in doing an SI away from home. She’s taken her home studio 2wk SI with guest instructors last year. This would be in addition to that. Her primary interests are ballet and jazz but is open to a mixed curriculum (although just starting pointe). What SIs would anyone recommend for this age? We’re in the Midwest so would prefer something in the area - figure we have plenty of time for further trips! Appreciate your thoughts as we try to navigate this next stage. 

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DanceMominTraining,  We do not offer recommendations for specific SIs on BT4D, rather we offer dedicated threads for a plethora of individual SIs that folks are most interested in and that have a national presence.  The programs are listed alphabetically in our Summer Intensive Forum:  https://dancers.invisionzone.com/forum/136-201920-summer-intensives/

The dedicated threads have first-hand information and experiences from our members (and we have dedicated threads in the Archives, which provide a number of years’ collected experiences.). 

We do not provide recommendations nor do we permit direct comparisons among/between specific programs.  The reason is because each person’s taste may be different depending on any number of factors:  experience, skill level, maturity, place in training, location, finances, family preferences, training preferences, personalitities, personal wants, wishes, desires, etc.  In short, “one man’s treasure is another man’s junk”.

So we encourage our members to use the dedicated threads to share their first-hand experiences, ask specific questions, and then make their own compare/contrast of programs based upon their own personal set of criteria.

Please take some time to read through the specific threads you are interested in, ask questions that you still have after reviewing the threads, and you will begin to develop your own feel for the programs.  

Best Wishes!!

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Ok, thanks for the clarification!! 

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