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Should I consider starting pointe?

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I just turned 17 and started doing ballet again in August 2017. 

Starting pointe has been on my mind for a while because I want to have a career in dancing. I don’t really know if I should because I only took one ballet class every week last year and this year (also took another dance class but it wasn’t modern or jazz). Pointe is definitely physically demanding and I’m not sure if I’m made for it. 

Is it worth discussing with my ballet teacher?

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Victoria Leigh

Isa, we do not recommend that anyone should begin pointe work without the proper preparation. One class a week does not provide that preparation. Please read our topic on requirements for point work, which is a pinned topic on this forum and on several other forums. It is titled Facts of Life About Pointe Work. 

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I started late too, but I feel my teacher put me on a little early. There is no harm in talking to your teacher and maybe she can give you some extra help or tips so you’ll be ready soon enough!

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