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Brava email?


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DD is a freshman at a small collegiate dance program. I don't want to do the wrong thing here and would appreciate advice.

This weekend she danced in her first college performance. It was fabulous!! After the show last night I wanted to approach the choreographer of her piece to say something but there was a huge crowd around him and i didn't get an opportunity. Would it be appropriate to send an email? To the choreographer? To the dean? I would not want it to be perceived as trying to gain favor for my child. It was simply a genius work and worthy of applause!

So my question is two-fold. What are your thoughts on this situation specifically? And bigger than that, what is the protocol for when your dancers get to college and beyond.


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I would agree with Eligus, a simple "that was amazing work" does not mean you are trying to gain favor for your child.

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So even an "after the fact" email. Something like "Hi, I am X's mom and we attended the new choreography event for the first time on Saturday night. .."

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I don’t think a genuine compliment will ever be received poorly by anyone! Positive feedback is always nice to hear; especially since it is much more common to receive silence, complaints or requests for favors! 


... Now, the really worry is whether or not the choreographer will find the email or not. Some people have weak email-management skills, and way too many  unread messages in their inbox!

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I don’t believe there is an expiration on receiving acknowledgement of one’s work.  Better late than never.

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Thank you all! This is great feedback! I'm always so careful about not being pushy and tend to stay out of the way. 

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