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My son has been taking ballet for a while, but has just started taking "big kid" classes and thinking about going up to three classes/week, so I'm thinking it might not be a passing fancy!  We have been dealing with kids at school saying "ballet is for girls" for a while, but it is still a challenge.  Lately it has shifted to my son saying "I wish more boys did ballet so they could see it is fun and hard.". So I'm mainly joining to find advice on dealing with that, dealing with a similar attitude from his father, and suggestions on when/how to discuss partnering with him when he is all about "lifting the ladies!". I look forward to learning from experts!

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Adding additional days of dance helps both girls and boys, in my opinion. When they are surrounded by like minded people, they develop strength and a naturally occurring peer group. The more influential their dance friends are, the less impact that kids from school will have.

Best of luck!

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