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Arabesque Correction

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In class, my main ballet teacher has been telling me I am “using too much back in my arabesque” and even after explanations I still don’t completely understand, but I think she doesn’t like me arching my back when lifting it above 90°

I did have a bad habit of releasing into my back when my leg wasn’t high enough to necessitate that because my back is quite flexible, and that has been fixed, but I am still getting this correction. Isn’t it necessary to arch your back when lifting above 90° for most?

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Victoria Leigh

No, it is not correct to arch your back. You need to be moving your upper body forward and upward, but not backward. 

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Now that I think of it as not wanting to go backwards that makes more sense and I can see where I am probably not moving forward. I understand what she means now, for some reason the way she said it didn’t make sense to me! 

Thank you Ms. Leigh!

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