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Hey, that is great that your daughter got into that school! 

I would think that it is indeed still early days, and unless she is madly UN-happy, then give it a bit more time. 

On the other hand, she is very young... is she there alone, does she live in a dormitory or with a family? 

German schools: it has been quite a few years since I had personal experience with any of them; things change quickly. BUT - there are many good ones, and they do prepare students for jobs in companies, at least in Germany. The biggest, most "well-known" German academies (Stuttgart, Hamburg..... maybe Berlin and Munich) do tend to have more of a classical-leaning, as far as I can tell... so did Mannheim when I used to visit. The Dresden Academy (Palucca) offers a pretty well-rounded training, and the classical is /was still quite all right. Frankfurt and Cologne were (as I say, I am not that aware of the status now!) more likely to focus on various modern techniques, and there are many, and they are widely used in many German dance companies. 

I would suggest looking for websites of the various schools, IF you are interested, and getting in touch with them if need be. 

Most of them take students for the professional part of the training as of age 16, 17, 18; the younger ones are more readily "weeded out" each year as they and their bodies mature and it becomes - perhaps - obvious To Those Who Decide These Things (added capitals for emphasis 😉 ) that a young student may not have the "right" body for the career. (do not get me started on this.... 😉 😉




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Derrin’sMom, when looking for pre-professionals schools in a particular area—or country—please ask your questions on the appropriate thread in the “Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School” forum.  Any information members are able to share will be lost here.  We like to keep information readily searchable for all our members interested in the area.

I would also suggest you check the “Pre-Professional/Residential School” forum for individual schools.  There are dedicated threads there for the major schools, both here and abroad. 


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Thank you, the question did not start off as "looking for a school" but more to understand about CNSMDP. I've checked the pre-pro section as well.

But if they may, the forum can move my topic to wherever is more suitable.

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Very helpful, thank you.

We are still at the stage where we give time to all of us.

She stays at the dorm, her uncle lives there and gives support at weekends. She had been accepted to berlin as well last year but we thought family bonds would help her to adjust. But for the moment she does not feel comfortable here. Her major complaint is she cannot do ballet as much as she expected to.

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