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feedback on dancers dozen?


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Hi all,

I've seen several references on this forum about the "Dancers Dozen" book from Gaynor Minden. I've been considering getting it for a while, but I wonder if there is really much material in there that I can't, or haven't, already got from class and other sources? For example, the two specific exersizes that people mentioned on this forum were related to foot and ankle strength and I am familiar with both the exersizes described.


I guess my question is, if you have the book, did you learn anything new from it? Or is it a lot of the same stuff that gets mentioned here and in classes (foot exersizes with resistabands, frog stretch for turnout, etc.) Is the book comprehensive or does it deal mostly with feet/ankles?


Without violating any copyright laws, can someone give me a general idea of what is covered in the book and whether you've found it useful?



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Guest piccolo

I resisted buying it for a while and then I decided that even if the exercises weren't helpful, at least I got two Therabands out of it! The exercises are comprehensive -- i.e. it is not just feet & ankle exercises. I don't do all of the exercises but I would recommend getting it.

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Guest dancerwannabe

I like the book. It's neat. Better to find someone who already has it and see if you can borrow. Then you can just make copies of the stuff you like. The illustrations and directions are a little murky in one or two of them.

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Thanks for the feedback! I decided to go ahead and buy the book. I already have some therabands, but at least this way I'll have a back-up set. I don't know anyone who has the book, so I decided to just go for it rather than think about it for another 3 months!

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