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Any Suggestions to Prepare for 1st Pointe Class?

Guest BBNButterscotch

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Guest BBNButterscotch



I'm on a 2 week break from dance classes, but my first class back will be my first on pointe. Is there anything special I should do to get ready (besides prepare my shoes)? I normally do stretching and plies daily, but should I be doing anything else? Thanks!



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Since this is a technique type question, as opposed to a Pointe Shoe topic, I'm moving this to Adult Ballet Students forum.


There is really not a lot you can do except try to stay in shape with as much stretching and barre work as you can do at home. Try to do a lot of tendus and elevé/relevés, dégagés, pas de chevals, etc. All the things that work the feet!

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Guest tournout

Having returned to pointe work after a LONG hiatus myself, my only recommendation is to be sure your shoes (if new) fit properly and are broken in sufficiently!

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Get your lower stomach muscles well conditioned. It helps you pull up more. I think strength in your lower back and stomach really help with pointe - it quiets your center of alignment.

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