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Best wishes for the 2019 summer intensive season!


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Just want to wish all of our DSs a successful 2019 summer intensive audition season!

My DS has his first audition this Sunday and his last in mid-February. Let the constant weekend traveling and waiting games begin. 🙂

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Our son had his first ever audition today (he had scholarship audition last year at YAGP NYC Finals, but I think this is different). Couldn’t have asked for a better class. It was taught and advertised as a 2 hour master class by John Gardner and amanda McKarrow for Colorado Ballet, and it very much was. Several of our students also attended and all came out smiling and exhausted! What a wonderful way to start the audition season.


Wishing everyone happy and successful auditions in The next 2 months. Looking forward to reading about them!

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Happy to hear your DS had a great audition, Fraildove. Fingers crossed for positive results!

Today was an unexpectedly good day! DS received acceptance and scholarship to two SIs - one from video and another from an audition this past weekend. He was worried since he's just coming back from winter break straight into auditions but I guess he did well. So proud of him!

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Congratulations to your DS, dancingninja!  That's great that he has a couple of acceptances in hand. 

This is DS' first year applying to SIs. The applications were done via video as we live thousands of miles from any audition site. He's the only boy over 7 years old at his studio, so I'm hoping he gets to have the experience of classes with other boys. 

Good luck to everyone!

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Welcome, momofaboy! My DS is the only boy over 8 taking ballet at his studio too. He did his first SI at age 12 and it was such a boost for him, physically and mentally, to take class with other guys. It's now his favorite time of the year. 🙂

Best wishes to your son on his first year of auditioning for SIs!

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Members, please note that this is a restricted Forum.  Only parents of (dancing) boys may post on these threads.   As such, a few posts have had to be removed. 

Please respect the Forum rules. 

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Just checking in to see how everyone's DSs are doing throughout the audition season.

It's been a bit of a mixed bag for DS so far, ranging from a full scholarship offer from a video to his first outright rejection. Still a few more auditions to go, so not sure where he will end up going. Just trying to help him keep it all in perspective.

Has anyone else DS's made a decision yet on where they're going this year?

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DS is done and has answers to his 4 applications. All four of his auditions were by video. Two acceptances and 2 rejections.

We got the first acceptance last week. I decided that it was too expensive, but I was so torn because he didn't have any other options. The deadline for registration for that program is today and I was so nervous about turning it down without somewhere else to go. The other three answers came yesterday and today.  

The second acceptance is to our first choice and is a fantastic program. I am ready to sign him up, but he needs more time to process. 

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Mcb9257, what a wonderfully difficult decision to have - congratulations to your son! DS was waitlisted for SAB again this year, so we're not too hopeful that one will come through since it's so competitive.

momofaboy, that's wonderful news about his first choice acceptance. Congratulations to your son too!

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DS16 was lucky to get acceptances to all 3 SI's that he auditioned for this year. All three choices are excellent programs (top 3-letter). It is really hard to turn down any of them, knowing how excellent the training is at all three.  I wish he could accept them all!  Ultimately, we chose the location where we have friends/family nearby, and also it is the one that offered him the most scholarship money.  Congratulations to all your boys on their choices, and good luck to those of you still waiting on results! I'm glad to have this audition season behind us. :) 


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My son also was accepted at the 4 places he auditioned-- two (more elite programs) , which is a huge stretch for us (well, more than a stretch, would require taking on debt, something that seems crazy to me for a 14yo. We asked for need-based aid but haven't gotten much of an answer). Two less elite programs , and we have to make decisions soon. Its hard! One of the programs is really a dream program for him, but at his age, I am not sure how much it matters.  

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